“Smart phones foster dumb habits among pedestrians “

21 01 2011

I read this article and found it very interesting. 

“NEW YORK (AP) – It was a miserable morning in New York, rain falling heavily and a 30 mph wind that made holding an umbrella difficult. Yet a man walked briskly up Fifth Avenue, balancing his umbrella and dodging pedestrians as he texted from his smart phone…..”



Friday Alta Freeski

17 01 2011

GoPro camera video

4 01 2011

I got a new GoPro helmet cam for Christmas and I have been playing around with it the past couple of days.  I loaded it to Youtube but there were copyright issues or something with one of the songs so it didn’t work, then I loaded it to Vimeo, still figuring out how to show it here but here is the link to it.


New GoPro Test from Josh Ragsdale on Vimeo.