23 08 2010

I took my mountain bike fork that I bent in a crash and turned it into this.


Nice Shootin

20 08 2010

For my birthday I got my first gun.  I got a Ruger 10/22.  Little sister and I took it out to the west side of Utah Lake the other day to put a few rounds threw it.

Cowboy Up

17 08 2010

Growing up one of my best friends was my neighbor John Beck. John is now a professional rodeo clown.  We went to see his act in the Alpine rodeo this past weekend.

Sweet Awesome

17 08 2010


15 08 2010


12 08 2010

We went on a family trip up to northern Califronia.  It took 15 or so hours in a rented 15 passenger van.  We saw the Redwoods, went hiking and mountain biking, surfing and had a blast.