31 03 2010

Dear Original Skateboard Company,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love everthing about your company.  I have been wanting a longboard for a while now and in doing some research and investigating I have found your company to be the top of the line.  One of the first things that sold me on your brand is your awesome website.  First of all I love the design, but more importantly I  love how there are videos and explainations and info on each board that lets you know what that specific board is good for.  With other longboard companies and their websites all they show is the board and basically tell you how pretty it is so you should buy it.  I love how the videos demonstrate the boards and what they can do.  On top of all that the boards are good looking too.

I had a cheap longboard in high school and had some fun on it.  After I while and learning some more and riding friend’s boards,  much better boards and way better trucks, I decided to sell mine and have been without since.  You have such a variety of awesome boards I have had a tough time deciding which one I would want, but I think I have narrowed it down to either the Apex34 or the Apex 37.  I just can’t decide which I would love more.   Being a poor struggling married college student, I currently lack the funds to make such an awsome purchase, but I wanted to let you know that you have gained another fan and someday loyal customer.

Thank you Original Skateboards for inspiring me.

Josh Ragsdale

When in doubt, REI

30 03 2010

I admit, I am a REI-aholic.  I love the outdoors and outdoor stuff and I can always get my fix of gear at REI.  Even with my great love for the co-op, I don’t always go there everything for reasons such as time, price, or whatever, but yesterday my already high confindence level in REI went up a notch. 

I have been looking around for some cycle shorts that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg but to no avail.   I did find some cheap ones on pricepoint.com, a great bike resource, but they weren’t that great of quality and they were on back order for 3 to 4 weeks.  I also wanted to find some water bottle cages for my road bike and I wanted them to be an orange gold color just like my bike, so I went to like 5 bike shops looking around and couldn’t find any.  I then decided that red would look pretty cool and I knew I could find some red ones without too much difficulty, I thought.  Well I went to two shops and they didn’t have red!  how hard can it be.  So not expecting to find any of my cycling needs, I walked into REI to waste some time becuase I had left earlier than I needed for class.   Lo and behold they had the exact red colored cages that I wanted!  On top of that I found some cycle shorts for a good price, and to make it even better I used my membership 20 percent off coupon and my yearly dividend that I just got and basically paid 20 bucks for some sweet shorts.  So I went home and canceled my order from pricepoint.com for the crapier but more expensive shorts.

Spring Break Day 5

29 03 2010

Today, Friday, was dark and rainy all day.  I went to work and dreamed about getting a longboard all day, I really want one.  Then that evening we went down to Provo and went to the BYU Mens volleyball with our good friends Trent and Carly.  BYU played Santa Barbara, it was a good match and BYU ended up winning 3 games to 1.  Then we went to the creamery and got some good ice cream, I got cookies and cream, yummy.

Spring Break Day 4

29 03 2010

Today Heather took the afternoon off and we wanted to go for an adventure.  I had never seen the Salt Flats so we decided to head out there and take a look.  It was pretty crazy, the majority of the area was under just a few inches of water, I guess it happens every year and the dries out through summer, I had no idea.  Then we stopped in Wendover for some gas and while there put a couple dollars in the slots just for fun and we ended up on top but 30 cents, not bad.

Spring Break Day 3

25 03 2010

I started today by doing some homework for my computer art class.  I had to make a simple movie.  A cup of some liquid and it has bubbles that float up and some fizzy sparkle pops above the glass. ( tried to put here but it didn’t work)

Then I cut my hair, by myself in my parents garage.

Then I went for a bike ride.  I left from the apartment and rode up Big Cottonwood Canyon up to the S-curve and turned around there.  It was 15 miles in all.  I felt pretty good about it.

Getting home from my ride.

Spring Break Day 2

24 03 2010

Today, Tuesday, I went to work.  I was planning on riding my bike to work, but when I woke up it was raining off and on, and a snow flake falling here and there.  Then after work I got home and made pizza for dinner, Yummy.

Pizza Dough:

4-5 cups of flour, 1.5 teaspoons yeast, .25 cup sugar, 2 tsp salt, 2.75 cups warm water, knead and add flower till not too sticky.

Pizza Sauce:

1 can tomato paste, 1 tomato paste can filled with water, pinch salt, .5 Tablespoon basil, 1 T brown sugar, Pinch of : garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, thyme.

Spring Break Day 1

23 03 2010

Today I started by cleaning up the apartment a bit.  Then, our bathroom sink drains super slow, so I under the catch underneath the sink and pulled out all kinds of crap with a screwdriver. Nasty! Then I went for a 12 mile bike ride with my buddies Curits and Mitch.  It was super funny when we all got together it turned out that Curtis was wearing a BYU jersey , and I was wearing my U of U one.  After our ride we stopped at the bike shop to look around and a few people made comments, kind of silly.  Not too bad of a start to the week off of school.


11 03 2010

Last weekend we got the chance to go snowmobiling with a guy, James, in my parents ward.  Clark, my little brother, has become friends with James and gone with him a few times and they invited us to come along last weekend.  Clark brought his friend Ashley  and met at our place at 7:00 a.m. and  we headed  up to Daniels Summit, between Heber and Vernal and had an awesome time.  The snow was good and the weather was good too.

I had never been on a snowmobile before and didn’t really know how much you need to lean and use your weight to turn a snowmobile, just turning the handlebars doesn’t do much I found out, in the first ten minutes I got stuck in way deep powder on the downhill side of a ridge we were riding on.   To get out we had to kind of make our own way and create a trail and get back to the real trail, it was fun though.  After that ordeal we continued on the trail and then stopped in a few places to get off the trail andplay around and  have some fun.  We rode up some hills and rode around in some powder and I finally kind of got the hang of how to lean and turn and had a ton of fun, we were  jumping a little bit and ripping up the soft pow, it was awesome!

To end a great ride James treated us to really good hot chocolate and a slice of pie.  Heather and I shared a giant slice, apple of course.


2 03 2010

Last weekend we went up to Eagle Idaho and visited our friend Kylie and my uncle and aunt, Grant and Katherine.  We skied at Bogus Basin on Saturday and had a great day.  It snowed all morning and so we had a powdery afternoon.  Then Sunday we spent a few hours at Grant and Katherine’s and had and awesome lunch, the biggest t-bone steaks ever and it was delicious.  We fed the chickens and met their dogs, two retired greyhound racers.